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Books about Hunting

Sportsman’s Vintage Press specializes in publishing classic books about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.  Our hunting books were written by some of the most renowned hunting authors of the 20th Century including Elmer Keith, Townsend Whelen, Charles Askins, and John “Pondoro” Taylor.  Topics include deer hunting, woodchuck hunting, African safaris, rifles for big game, and hunting with the .22 rifle.  For information on hunting big game, our books are perfect for the novice and the expert alike.  If you are interested in learning how to hunt, then you should take a look at our selection of books about hunting.

Our books about hunting teach you how to hunt using in a variety of ways.  Our hunting books cover the use of rifles, handguns, and bow and arrow to take both small game and large game.  These hunting books will teach you how to hunt from a stationary position as well as how to stalk and hunt game while on the move.

Our hunting books cover hunting in many environments, including Africa and all across North America.  You will learn about hunting on the plains and bush of Africa and Asia and the mountains, woodlands, and plains of the United States and Canada.

Our hunting books will also help to make you a better shot with a rifle, handgun, shotgun, or traditional longbow.  The author’s of these hunting books place a great deal of emphasis on becoming not just a passable shot, but a great marksman with your chosen firearm or bow.  To become a better shot, the authors of our hunting books suggest practicing with paper targets as well as warming up for the big game season by taking some time to go small game hunting.  By honing your skills on small game and paper, you will be fully prepared for hunting big game.

Many of our hunting books cover hunting in the backwoods and thus cover survival skills and other skills such as navigation and shelter making.