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Marksmanship for Hunters and Wilderness Marksmanship

In a previous article we read what C. S. Landis had to say about trigger control and offhand shooting posture.  Today we will continue in a similar vein and take a look at what Townsend Whelen has to say about marksmanship

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Trigger Control and Offhand Shooting Posture

After going to the range yesterday and shooting some disappointing offhand groups, I decided to hit the books and see if I couldn’t learn something to improve my posture for offhand shooting and trigger control. The following is an excerpt

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Happy People: A Year in the Taiga – Movies for Sportsmen

When one thinks of a movie that appeals to sportsmen the first thing that comes to mind is a movie about doing something for sport, such as hunting or fishing for trophy examples of a species—perhaps something like Gordon Eastman’s

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What’s So Special About the 3-Screw Ruger Blackhawk?

If you happen to stumble onto an online forum for Ruger firearms or single action revolvers you may find that the term “3-screw Blackhawk” appears quite frequently.  You may also notice that some people have a certain esteem for the

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Why We Read Old Books Part III

In the first two parts (Part I, Part II) of this series we discussed why someone might read an old book about outdoor activities for the purposes of entertainment and for historical enlightenment.  In this final part of the series

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