About Sportsman’s Vintage Press

Put simply, the goal of Sportsman’s Vintage Press is to make classic books about the outdoors available at an affordable price. Books which informed previous generations of outdoorsmen have gone out of print, depriving today’s outdoorsmen of valuable information. At Sportsman’s Vintage Press we are dedicated to finding the classic books of years gone by and taking the necessary steps to make them available again for everyone to enjoy. Everything we do is aimed at providing classic books at classic prices–ready to be written in, dog-eared, and passed along to friends and family.

Our books are facsimiles of early or first editions of the original books. We start with high quality scans of the original manuscript and then meticulously refine and touch-up each page to optimize the readability of the resulting facsimile. Because our books start with first editions which were printed decades ago, some imperfections may be visible in the final facsimile. We always do our best to minimize any imperfections and the final product is a book which is perfectly readable and easy on the eyes.

We are continually expanding our product line, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of new releases.