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The Aviation Collection

Sportsman’s Vintage Press is proud to announce a new line of books: The Aviation Collection The Aviation Collection launched today with an initial line-up of ten titles with more titles planned for release throughout the rest of the year. The

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The Aspiring Hunter Part II: My Small Game Rifle—The Browning BL-22

Bl-22 and squirrel

The rifle is arguably the most important piece of equipment to the hunter—with a possible exception allowed for the equipment which sits between the hunter’s ears. Finding a rifle that suits your body and shooting style is paramount to placing

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The Aspiring Hunter Part I: An Introduction

I have a confession to make: I don’t come from an outdoorsy family—I didn’t grow up camping, shooting guns, and hunting. In fact, it took me until I was in college before I ever shot a gun, and I had

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Marksmanship for Hunters and Wilderness Marksmanship

In a previous article we read what C. S. Landis had to say about trigger control and offhand shooting posture.  Today we will continue in a similar vein and take a look at what Townsend Whelen has to say about marksmanship

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Trigger Control and Offhand Shooting Posture

After going to the range yesterday and shooting some disappointing offhand groups, I decided to hit the books and see if I couldn’t learn something to improve my posture for offhand shooting and trigger control. The following is an excerpt

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