The African Hunt by Charles Askins


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This is a facsimile of the book The African Hunt by Charles Askins originally published in 1958 as a guide to hunting in Africa.

This book was originally written to assist hunters arrange a trip to go hunting in Africa.  It covers the logistics of arranging such a trip and briefly covers the game and the suggested rifles for hunting in Africa.

Askins would later write another book called Asian Jungle, African Bush which covers the specifics of African hunting, such as the animals, rifles, and cartridges in a more comprehensive manner.

From the introduction of The African Hunt:

This book has been written to assist the sportsman with his plan for hunting in Africa. It provides advice as to guns and guides and costs and game; when to go and how long to stay; what to take and what to leave; the hazards and the fun.

Hunting in Africa, for the shooting man represents the grand adventure, a gunning holiday likely to come but once in a lifetime to many of us. It would be a pity if the sportsman went off half-cocked and through lack of proper preparation hurt the good fun of his shooting extravaganza.

Advice on hunting in Africa is like advice on many things: it’s free and it’s plentiful, some of it good and some poppycock. Despite the plentitude of counsel, the sportsman planning the African junket finds his information isn’t contained in any one piece. He must assemble it from many sources: from his Nairobi outfitter, his travel agent, fellow sportsmen, books and magazines, the arms and ammunition makers, the State, Public Health and Customs Departments, and literally scores of other sources. It sometimes get pretty confusing.

Here for the first time, and all between two covers, is the works. Those things–all of ’em–that the sportsman should know, and do, in preparation for his sojourn in that golden Mecca of the shooting man–game-rich Africa.


1. If You Would Hunt Africa
2. The Outfitter
3. The Country
4. Nairobi, The Town
5. The Game
6. The Red Tape
7. The Safari
8. The African Battery
9. Gilding the Lily


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