Aircraft Engine Design by Joseph Liston

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Aircraft Engine Design by Joseph Liston

6″ x 9″
502 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Engine Design by Joseph Liston, originally published in 1942.

This text has been assembled to aid technical students in bridging the gap between the point where they have a fairly complete knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics, mechanics, and machine design, and the point where they are sufficiently familiar with the application of these fundamentals to the design of aircraft engines to enable them to be of value to aircraft engine building industry.

  1. Requirements, Possibilities, and Limitations
  2. Outline of the Project
  3. Gas-Pressure Forces
  4. Analysis of the Crank Chain
  5. Analysis of Bearing Loads
  6. Design of Reciprocating Parts
  7. Crankshaft Vibration and Balance
  8. Crankshaft Details and Reduction Gearing
  9. Cylinders and Valves
  10. Valve Gear
  11. The Crankcase, Superchargers, and Accessories

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