Asian Jungle, African Bush by Charles Askins


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This is a facsimile of the book about Asian and African Hunting called Asian Jungle, African Bush by Charles Askins, originally published in 1959.
From the inside flap of the 1959 edition of Asian Jungle, African Bush:

This is the one book which deals in a complete manner with both Asian and African hunting. The author makes a wonderful comparison between the two environments and the game therein. Included with a journal of his tropical adventures on two continents is valuable knowledge about arms and ammunition, where-to-go instructions, and how-to-do-it information. Also included is data on hunting the less-dangerous game and wing shooting. A part of the book is his hunting diary.

Man is a clumsy animal, bamboo and other grass a flimsy flora, and tropical breezes are forever shifting. A hunter does not run; he is too slow. He cannot hide when the wind is wrong. There is no retreat. African hunting, for the most part, is a life-and-death struggle; and the hunter must shoot his way out. Charlie Askins frankly admits, “I have more than once been afraid on the spoor of great tuskers and other of the big five. In a killing mood any and all are imposing sights.”

Yet, he goes on to say, “African hunting is a glorious sort of vice working its narcotic with all the efficacy of the ubiquitous poppy. The fledgling Nimrod is transported to a seventh heaven of delight on a single pipe of the heady bloom. But that is just a commencement. Before his race is run, he may well grow to be a twenty pipe man. I remember when I shot running jackrabbits as a boy and asked no more of the Red Gods. Now the major fauna of this Continent have felt the sting of my lead and I strain at the everyday humdrum bonds. Strain to be off and savoring of foreign shores and jungle bush. Seeking other greater targets.”


1. Ngo Van Chi, Hunter’s Hunter
2. Shikar in the Rain Forest
3. The Game Fields of Indo-China
4. Stalking the Jungle Giant
5. Guns for Jungle Game
6. 4800 Grains of Lead
7. The Score Don’t Look so Good!
8. Shotgunning Holiday
9. The Hunting Paradise
10. Stalking Africa’s Rarest Game, The Giant Sable
11. Plains Game
12. The Buf Plays for Keeps
13. Old Mister Ugly
14. Hunting the Great Tuskers
15. Lion
16. Wing Shooting
17. Stalking the Great Cats
18. Tough Old Bruiser
19. Elephant Trails
20. Oryx Take Killing!
21. Bad Actor of the African Bush
22. On the Slopes of Mount Kenya
23. African Bush Cartridge


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