Big Game Rifles and Cartridges by Elmer Keith


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This is a facsimile of a 1936 first edition of Big Game Rifles and Cartridges by Elmer Keith.
From the description of the first edition of Big Game Rifles and Cartridges:

In this first book of his, published in 1936, Keith takes on the big game cartridges one by one and describes just what they are capable of when put to the actual test of bringing down game.  Each cartridge is treated extensively; practical and comparative data being given with all of the various weights and types of hunting bullets suitable for use in it.

Here is real, first-hand data on adaptability and killing effect, at all ranges and on all species of Western big game. Its text is filled with hunting notes and observations of the most original and accurate nature.

Although originally published almost 80 years ago, this book still covers many of the hunting cartridges in use today. Despite its age, this reference work will be a valuable addition to the library of the 21st century hunter.

About the Author:

Elmer Keith (1899-1984) was a rancher and firearms author who helped to develop the .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. Keith.  An expert cartridge reloader and widcat cartridge creator, he also developed his own style of semi-wadcutter bullet, called the Keith style bullet.

Keith was an expert on big game rifles, designing and using many unique cartridges for his hunting pursuits.  His wildcat cartridges can be seen to have an influence on many modern, popular hunting cartridges.


1. Brush and Timber Rifles
2. Long Range Stalking Rifles
3. All Around Rifles
4. Double Barreled Rifles
5. Iron Sights for Hunting
6. Hunting Scopes and Mounts
7. Hunting Rifle Stocks


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