Camp Kits and Camp Life by Charles Stedman Hanks

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Camp Kits and Camp Life by Charles Stedman Hanks

5.25″ x 8″
176 pages

This book was originally published in 1906 and is being reprinted in its entirety here by Sportsman’s Vintage Press.

This book is an all-inclusive instruction manual for the camping and hunting vacation. Charles Stedman Hanks covers all aspects of the outdoors trip, from the gear to bring and how to arrange a camp, to techniques for pursuing a wide range of game and fish. Also included are several camp recipes and remedies for illness and injury while in the woods.

For the hunter or fisherman, Hanks details how to hunt for game such as deer, moose, waterfowl, and partridge as well as how to fish for trout and bass. Trapping for various furbearers is also covered.

Nothing is left out of this camping and woodcraft manual. It will be an excellent primer for the new man to the out of doors and also has some useful new tips for the veteran woodsman.


1. The Preliminary Canter
2. The Man Behind the Gun
3. The Wangan
4. Camps and Camp Fires
5. Camp Cooking
6. What to Do if Lost in the Woods
7. Some Trout that Taught Me Something About Angling
8. Some Black Bass, Sir, That I Didn’t Get
9. Some Lake Fish That Played With Me
10. Some Deer That I Have Met
11. Some Moose That I Know About
12. Some Geese And Ducks That Flew Away
13. Some Partridges That Taught Me a Thing or Two
14. Some of the Pleasures of Trapping
15. Some Suggestions About Camping Out
16. Some Remedies for Sickness or Accidents in Camp

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