Canoe Cruising and Camping by Perry Frazer

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Canoe Cruising and Camping by Perry D. Frazer

5.25″ x 8″
74 pages

This book was originally published in 1897 and is being reprinted in its entirety here by Sportsman’s Vintage Press.

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with the necessary information to get started canoeing. Canoeing can provide affordable and exciting leisure activity for the novice or experienced outdoorsman. Besides the exceptional health benefits of paddling and portaging, canoeing offers the opportunity to step away from the bustle of every-day-life and relax in the serenity of nature. From the local lake or stream to the most remote backwoods waterways, canoeing is an excellent way to get away from it all, whether just for a few hours, or for weeks at a time.

In this book, Perry D. Frazer covers all the basics in a brief and comprehensive manner. Frazer discusses the size and shapes of canoes and paddles, the correct clothing and gear to bring on an outing, paddling techniques, and even covers firearms and fishing gear for those who use the canoe as a way to hunt and fish the backcountry.


1. Introductory
2. Pleasures and Advantages of the Pastime
3. Canoes
4. Camping Outfit
5. Clothing
6. Fire Arms and Ammunition
7. Fishing Tackle
8. Photography
9. Cruising

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