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Learn the ins and outs of ammunition reloading with this facsimile of the book published in 1962 entitled Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders by Parker O. Ackley.

Although originally published without a volume designation, this book is commonly referred to as Volume 1.

This book is renowned in ammunition reloading and wildcating circles for good reason; it is the culmination of decades of reloading experience and cartridge development by P. O. Ackley as well as a number of contributing writers. The information contained herein ranges from the basic to the truly advanced and it is all must-know knowledge for the ammunition reloader.

Following the numerous chapters covering the science and safety of ammunition reloading, there are over 200 pages of rifle reloading data and another 20 pages of handgun reloading data to help the reloader get the most out of their ammunition.

What our customers have to say about Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders by P. O. Ackley:

“This info is current even though the book is over 30 yrs old!”

“If you are an avid handloader and shooter you’ll love this book. ” —John T.

“It remains to me one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the history and understanding of cartidges that I have read to date.” —Greg Z.

“Invaluable information on where modern cartridges came from. This book will settle a lot of bets on which cartridges were descended from what and when. Of particular interest to me were the chapters on what constitutes ‘killing power’ and the straight scoop on headspacing, pressure, wind drift, etc.”

About Parker O. Ackley

P. O. Ackley has been associated with the development of high velocity “wildcat” cartridges and is one of the foremost authorities on “wildcat” cartridges.  Ackley is most associated with “Ackley Improved” family of wildcat cartridges which alter the taper and angles of existing cartridges to improve their performance while retaining their original caliber and making re-chambering of existing rifles relatively easy.  Ackley was also a world renowned gunsmith and custom gunmaker.


1. Around the World With Wildcats — by Warren Page
2. Allyn H. Tedmon — by P. O. Ackley
3. Reflections of a Rifleman-Hunter — by Allyn H. Tedmon
4. Africa Safari — by J. R. Buhmiller
5. Killing Power — by P. O. Ackley
6. Reduced Loads — by P. O. Ackley
7. Wind Drift — by P. O. Ackley
8. Shooting in the Wind — by Homer S. Powley
9. Pressure — by P. O. Ackley
10. Headspace — by P. O. Ackley
11. Bore Capacity — by P. O. Ackley
12. Sectional Density — by Paul C. VonRosenberg
13. A Simple Chronograph — by P. O. Ackley and A. E. Ellinger
14. Rimmed vs. Rimless Cartridges — by P. O. Ackley
15. Barrel Steel — by P. O. Ackley
16. The Lowdown on Loading Dies — by P. O. Ackley
17. Loading Data – Rifle — by P. O. Ackley
18. Loading Data – Pistol and Revolver — by P. O. Ackley
19. Powder — B. E. Hodgdon
20 Questions and Answers — by P. O. Ackley


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