Handloading Ammunition by J. R. Mattern

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Handloading Ammunition by J. R. Mattern

5.25″ x 8″
384 pages

This is a facsimile of “Handloading Ammunition,” originally published in 1926.

This must be one of the earliest books written on handloading. Being first published in 1926, “Handloading Ammunition” by J. R. Mattern is a book which many of the most accomplished handloaders used as a manual. Elmer Keith, Townsend Whelen, and other legends of the shooting and handloading world make reference to it in their own works.

This is a truly comprehensive treatise on the matter of handloading. Mattern covers the tools, components, and stages of handloading. In addition to the popular smokeless cartridges, Mattern includes information on obsolete cartridges, black powder cartridges, and foreign cartridges.

While the specific load data is probably outdated, the advice and instructions on the selection of tools and components make this a valuable reference work for the handloader and the firearm historian.


1. Handloaded Ammunition
2. Tools for Handloading
3. Troubles and Cautions
4. The Loading Process Step by Step
5. Selection of Bullets, and Their Fit
6. Jacketed Bullets
7. Solid Bullets
8. Bullet Metals, Alloys and Casting
9. Lubricating and Sizing Bullets
10. Powders for Pistols, Revolvers and Rifles
11. Measuring and Loading Powders
12. Ignition, Primers and Priming
13. The Cartridge Case
14. Ammunition Components, Their Cost, and Where to Buy
15. Primary Ballistics for Handloaders
16. Inspections, Tests, Markings and Records
17. Reduced Loads
18. Seating Bullets
19. Obtaining Maximum Accuracy
20. Handloading for Various Purposes
21. Quantity Handloading
22. Foreign Cartridges
23. Loading Obsolete Cartridges
24. Black Powder Cartridges
25. Handloading Cartridges for Revolvers
26. Suggestions on Popular Cartridges
27. Miscellaneous Information


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