How To Hunt Deer by Edward A. Freeman


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This is a facsimile of the book published in 1956 entitled How to Hunt Deer by Edward A. Freeman.

How to Hunt Deer contains all of the information necessary to become a better deer hunter or to get started hunting deer.  Edward Freeman covers all the situations that one might encounter when hunting deer, including how to deal with getting lost or injured in the field.

From the Introduction to How to Hunt Deer:

How to Hunt Deer was written in the hope that more individuals may enjoy and appreciate successful hunts and that they will conduct themselves so there is no possibility of the creation of tragedy.

No one ever possessed a greater love of deer hunting than keen, observant, rugged Red Freeman. After many years of intensive indulgence, both as a participant and a professional guide, he became a hunting casualty. A hastily aimed soft-nosed bullet shattered the bone in his leg. Consciousness was regained as he lay prone and alone on the wooded mulch of the big North country. The man who had fired the shot had utilized a lacer from the victim’s boot as a tourniquet. In answer to a frantic call, the prostrate hunter was advised by the other that he was on his way to secure assistance. The stricken man examined his wound. His knowledge of anatomy was advanced. An artery had been cut and the bone so badly shattered that in the event of recovery, the limb would have to be removed. If he survived he would be an outdoor man on an artificial leg. Should he quickly and easily sever the thread of life, those inches of rawhide, and drift away into slumber? The conclusion was to “stick it out”; he would take the chance on “a new life”; if he could “make it.”

His day of resurrection came. A will to meet a new challenge along with the assistance of doctors and nurses put him on his feet. Interest neither waned in the great out-of-doors nor in his beloved deer. Maine legislators sought the advice of this reformed poacher in matters pertaining to game management; hunters sought him out for where-to-go and how-to-do-it information.

It is hoped that this volume will bring about the reduction of the possibility of catastrophe and at the same time add to the pleasure and effectiveness of any man or woman who thrills at the shot at a whitetail.


1. History of Deer Hunting
2. Legal Methods
3. Natural History
4. Odds and Ends
5. Stalking
6. Trailing
7. Group Hunting
8. Other Hunting Methods
9. On Getting Lost
10. Survival
11. Guns and Shooting
12. Accidents
13. Venison
14. Let’s Go Hunting
15. Conclusion


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