Hunting Our Biggest Game by Clyde Ormond


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Learn how to hunt with this facsimile of the book published in 1956 entitled Hunting Our Biggest Game by Clyde Ormond.

This book is dedicated to the pursuit of North America’s most elusive and rewarding game animals. The hunter looking for a true challenge seeks out the biggest game the continent has to offer in territory which is wild, rugged, and inaccessible by car. Such species include grizzly bear, elk, caribou, sheep, mountain goats, and moose.  The techniques and tools for taking all the above species are included in this book which will teach novice and expert exactly how to hunt the biggest game that North America has to offer.

The author also covers the practical skills that are required to pursue such game. These skills include packing in the camp supplies and packing out the trophies of the hunter, as well as what to bring along on a wilderness hunt.  The combination of information on how to hunt and for planning the logistics of your trip make Hunting Our Biggest Game an excellent book for anyone looking to learn how to hunt more successfully and enjoyably.


1. America’s Number One Trophy
2. Hunting Via Animal Behavior
3. The Great Thrill
4. The Biggest Prize
5. Hunting by Elevation
6. The Perfect Camp
7. The Best Game Animal
8. Elk Bugiling — The Sport of Kings
9. Other Methods of Elk-Hunting
10. Fundamentals of Packing
11. Caribou
12. Rewards of Alpine Hunting
13. Goat
14. Prize of the High Country
15. The Hardest Hunt
16. The Sportsman’s Role


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