Mauser Rifles and Pistols by W. H. B. Smith


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This is a facsimile of “Mauser Rifles & Pistols” by W. H. B. Smith, originally published in 1958.

This book has been prepared directly from the records of the Waffenfabrik Mauser, from reports and publications by directors of the Mauser Werke A.-G., (Firearms Factory), from the Mauser memorial and records of R. H. Korn, who was Paul Mauser’s personal patent attorney, from the records of Ludwig Loewe and Co. of Berlin who were Mauser partners for many years, and from accounts of the W├╝rttembergische Vereinsbank of Stuttgart, financial partners and bankers for Mauser.

All photographs and drawings and all specifications except as noted are from the original drawings, photographs and specifications prepared by the Mauser organization for their official reports or for their international sales organizations.

Wherever possible direct translations from the pertinent German records have been retained in their essence, being expanded, edited and elaborated only where necessary to amplify the original text.

This book, while essentially an historical hand book for gun enthusiasts and for the millions of soldiers who possess European Mauser rifles as trophies, also has a secondary purpose. That secondary purpose is to present a detailed study of the advance of German small arms development through the years, so politicians and economists and statesman will have available an integrated study of one facet of militaristic evolution which has never before been presented.

This book is confined entirely to the facts of the Mauser history and of the arms Mauser developed; but its implications in world affairs are there for any analysts who are in a position to use them.

As a history of the rise and development of the Mauser line of weapons, this work is intended to satisfy all except the ultra-technical.


Countries Using Mauser Rifles
Author’s Note
Historical Foreword
1. The Z├╝ndnadelgewehr of Nicolas Dreyse
2. The Mauser-Norris 67-69
3. The Earliest Mauser Rifles
4. Model 71, the First Production Mauser
5. Model 1873 German Army Rifle
6. The Rise of the Repeating Rifle
7. Model 71-84 the First Successful German Repeating Rifle
8. The Development of the French Competition
9. The First Serbian Repeater
10. The 9.5-mm Turkish Mauser
11. Model 88 German Infantry Rifle
12. Model 88 Carbines
13. The Rise of the Mauser Clip Loader
14. Model 1889 Belgian Mauser
15. Operation of the Mauser System
16. Model 1890 Turkish Mauser
17. Model 1891 Argentine Mauser
18. Model 1890 Spanish Mauser
19. Model 1893 Spanish Mauser
20. Gewehr 98., Kar. 98K., Kar. 98K42
21. Miscellaneous Early Mauser Rifles, 1895-1907
22. Description Of Modern Mauser Rifles, 1898-1944
23. Semi-Automatic Mauser Rifles
24. Mauser Sporting Rifles
25. Mauser .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifles
26. Mauser .22 Caliber Repeating Rifles
27. Mauser-Type Rifles
28. Mauser Pistols
29. 9-mm Mauser Military Pistol
30. 9-mm Parabellum Mauser Military Pistol
31. Model 712 Full Automatic, 7.63-mm Mauser
32. Model 06-08 Automatic
33. W.T.P. I, Vest Pocket, 6.35-mm Browning (.25 ACP)
34. W.T.P. II, Vest Pocket, 6.35-mm Browning (.25 ACP)
35. Automatic Pocket, 6.35-mm and 7.65 Browning (.25 and .32 ACP)
36. H Sc Automatic Caliber .32
37. Uncommon Mauser Pistols
38. Luger and P-38’s Manufactured by Mauser
39. Early Mauser Pistols and Revolvers


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