Modern Bow Hunting by Hiram Grogan


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This is a facsimile of the book originally published in 1958 entitled Modern Bow Hunting by Hiram Grogran.
From the inside flap of the 1958 edition of Modern Bow Hunting:

Modern Bow Hunting is written by one of the most enthusiastic archers who ever drew breath and one who spends a tremendous amount of time in the hunting coverts. It is written for one purpose only: to show the way to greater pleasure and more action in the hunting field with the longbow. Hiram Grogan speaks first hand of the opportunities, in wide variety, which exist for the taking.

Where to go and how to do it are the keys to such opportunity. His subject matter includes: squirrels; beagles and rabbits; quail on the wing; pheasants; wild turkey; crows; ‘possum; coon; fox; shooting rough fish; frogs; guinea fowl; goats; razorback hogs; and the prime target, deer.

Some of this hunting requires special equipment and advanced technique. It is all spelled out in Modern Bow Hunting.


1. Strictly for the Squirrels
2. Beagles and Bows
3. Quail on the Wing
4. Cackles and Cockles
5. The Wily Wild Turkey
6. As the Crow Flies
7. Playing Possum
8. Coons Run
9. On the Heels of Mr. Reynard
10. Shooting Rough Fish
11. They Squeal for Killers
12. Millpond Symphony — Speckled Fowl — Sharptop Billies
13. Broadheads and Razorbacks
14. Bow Hunters Laugh (Deer)


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