Motorcycles in Competition by Hank Wieand Bowman


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This is a high quality facsimile of “Motorcycles in Competition” by Hank Wieand Bowman, originally published in 1952.

In gathering together the material for this book, I have called on many friends from divergent parts of the world. Despite their geographic spread, they all have one thing in common—a terrific enthusiasm for motorcycles in competition. With the help of these friends I have been able to present a cross-section picture of much of our competition, past and present. This book does not cover all motorcycle competition, for motorcycling is a tremendous sport and volumes can (and I hope will) be written about it. It is not possible to cover all competition in these pages, but great strides have been taken to give a wide range of the competitions motorcycles compete in.

Hand Wieand Bowman is a noted authority on motorcycling and frequent announcer at race events.


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