Rifle-Craft by C. S. Landis


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This is an exact facsimile of the 1923 book Rifle-Craft by C. S. Landis containing tips and techniques on rifle shooting.

In this brief treatise on rifle shooting, the author seeks to cover the aspects of shooting rifles that are vital for both the hunter and the match target shooter in an easy-to-read way.  This book includes everything which is required to learn rifle shooting in a short format which excludes anything which is not need-to-know.

For the hunter, topics include judging distance in the field, trajectories and killing power of cartridges, and how weather conditions can affect shots.

For the target shooter, Landis covers the use of the Springfield rifle and small-bore rifles for shooting at matches.

Other topics include the selection and finishing of a rifle stock, handloading ammunition, and ways to clean the rifle and how cleanliness affects accuracy.

This is the perfect book for the new or experienced rifleman looking to round out his knowledge of rifle shooting.  Although brief, this book is comprehensive and will serve as an excellent handbook to guide the rifleman as he progresses in skill level.


1. Rifle shooting problems in hunting
2. The high-power rifle on the range
3. Small-bore rifle target shooting
4. The condition of the bore and chamber and the effect upon accuracy
5. The stock as an aid to accuracy
6. Handloaded rifle ammunition
7. Cleaning and keeping the rifle


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