The Secrets of Double Action Shooting by Bob Nichols


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This is a facsimile of the book originally published in 1950 about the use of the double action revolver entitled The Secrets of Double Action Shooting by Bob Nichols.

From the inside flap of the 1950 edition of The Secrets of Double Action Shooting:

No one ever suspected that anyone would ever write a pistol book like The Secrets of Double Action Shooting. Yet here it is, the first pistol book ever to tell the true story of the potential maximum deadliness of the double action revolver in combat and in sport. The author is the well-known Bob Nichols, for forty years a keen pistolman and the country’s outstanding analyst and commentator on guns and shooting. Few have guessed up to this moment that the pistol has ever been this shooting authority’s favorite firearm by a wide margin. The Secrets of Double Action Shooting is the pistol book of all modern pistol books. Those who have previewed the manuscript and are competent to judge say this may easily be the pistol book of the century.

The double action revolver at its cunning best is actually deadlier, far deadlier, than the automatic, and in The Secrets of Double Action Shooting Bob Nichols has produced the facts which prove this to be true!

As the author makes clear, The Secrets of Double Action Shooting is a book for men-folk, not for boys. The book is addressed primarily to law-enforcement officers and to the military, to the men who must carry the loaded pistol as everyday life insurance.

The Secrets of Double Action Shooting is intended only for police, soldiers, and accredited civilian pistolmen. These alone should know the secrets of the double action revolver, for this is the deadliest of all pistol-shooting techniques.

What our customers have to say about The Secrets of Double Action Shooting by Bob Nichols:

“The value of the book is the text rich of useful practical information. It improved my own shooting results tremendously. Also techniques like staging the trigger pull using your trigger finger tip as trigger stop is described in detail…the contents are “pure gold” in my opinion. Thank you Bob Nichols!!”


1. Introduction
2. Macnab’s Discovery
3. The D.A. Auto?
4. The Pistolman
5. The Colt Tradition
6. J. Henry Fitzgerald
7. Civilian Opinion
8. Ed McGivern
9. John D. Leppert
10. William E. Peterson
11. The Technique
12. Posture
13. Conclusion


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