Sixguns by Elmer Keith


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This is a facsimile of the 1961 revised edition of Sixguns by Elmer Keith.

What our customers have to say about Sixguns by Elmer Keith:

“This book is a must read for any single action revolver fan. I would suggest it to anyone who shoots any type of hand gun.” —Charles L.

“A legendary book from a legendary man. The iconic Elmer Keith is known for many things, the father of the .41 and .44 magnums just to name 2 of his creations. The knowledge in this book is nothing short of a must have for anyone interested in firearms, especially 6 guns.” —Chris M.

“This is a most enjoyable read when it comes to all things Sixguns. Mr. Keith shares lots of personal experiences including very valuable lessons and observations. Especially enjoy his accounts of shooting long range targets…this information is as valuable now as it was when he first wrote about it. The supplement at the end is really insightful and much of his observations indeed did come to pass. I consider this man to have been a national treasure. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in sixgun history.” —Ritchie H.

From the back cover of the 1961 edition of Sixguns:

The author documents in this invaluable reference work his lifetime experiences and findings on this historic weapon. Elmer Keith, recognized as the world expert on guns, reports on new developments in arms and ammunition with a variety of splendid photographs of old and rare guns along with current American models. Included in his remarks is a treasury of absorbing information about marksmen with numerous illustrations of trick shooting, quick draws, hip-shooting and police training.

More than fifty years of experience and experimentation in handguns with Indian fighters, vigilantes and frontier lawmen makes Mr. Keith a specialist in his field. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer puts it, “Other books have been written on the revolver–other books will be written–but…Sixguns by Keith is and will remain the final authority.”

This 1961 revised edition contains a supplemental chapter which includes information about the .44 Magnum and other firearms developments that were groundbreaking in 1961.

About the Author:

Elmer Keith (1899-1984) was a rancher and firearms author who helped to develop the .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. Keith, an expert cartridge reloader, also developed his own style of semi-wadcutter bullet, called the Keith style bullet.

Keith served as a key link between the gunmen of the late 1800’s and modern firearm enthusiasts. His interactions with Civil War veterans and western gunfighters gave Keith unique knowledge which he carried well into the 20th century.


1. History of the Sixgun
2. Selecting the Handgun
3. Learning to Shoot
4. Sixgun Sights
5. Long Range Shooting
6. Game Shooting
7. Double Action Shooting
8. Gun Rigs and Holsters
9. Quick Draw and Hip Shooting
10. Gun Fighting
11. Revolver Versus Auto Pistol
12. Aerial and Trick Shooting
13. Slip Shooting, Fanning, Cavalry Guns
14. Loading and Management of Cap and Ball Sixguns
15. Repairs, Remodeling, Resighting
16. A Bullet Chapter
17. Cartridge Reloading
18. Selection of Gun Cartridges
19. Ornamentation
20. Care and Cleaning


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