Triumph Motorcycle Owner’s Handbook by A St. J Masters

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Triumph motorcycle owners handbook by A St. J Masters

6″ x 9″
220 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of “Triumph Motorcycle Owner’s Handbook” by A. St. J. Masters, originally published in 1951.

In compiling this manual the author has endeavored to provide full maintenance information regarding Triumph motorcycles manufactured from 1937 to the date of original publication in 1951.

The manual will be of considerable assistance to garages and workshops where Triumph machines are repaired and also to the private owner who carries out his own maintenance.

The manual should be used in conjunction with the spare part list published for the particular model, copies of which are available from the manufacturers.

This is a comprehensive instruction manual covering the care and maintenance of respected machines.

  1. Single-Cylinder Engines
  2. Twin Engines
  3. Clutch and Gearbox
  4. Brakes, Chains, Wheels and Hubs
  5. Front Forks
  6. Carburetter and Controls
  7. B.T.H. Ignition
  8. Lucas Electrical Equipment
  9. Technical Data
  10. Recommended Lubricants

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