The Woodchuck Hunter by Paul Estey


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Learn how to go groundhog hunting with this is a facsimile of the book The Woodchuck Hunter by Paul C. Estey, originally published in 1936.
From the Introduction to The Woodchuck Hunter:

It is my good fortune to reside within a few miles of one of the finest woodchuck localities in the eastern United States. In consequence I have had ample opportunity to hunt and to study these little animals. Although the woodchuck is classed as a varmint, along with the crow, the prairie dog and the coyote, I have come to have a respect and a fondness for this little fellow. He brings to my mind a picture of rolling green meadows, of forgotten country lanes, of high pastures in the hills where mountains cast their purple shadows at twilight.

The past few years have witnessed a tremendous increase in interest in groundhog hunting. New rifles have been offered the shooter; new cartridges have been developed and perfected; both iron sights and telescope sights have consistently improved. New powders, primers and bullets are now offered to the shooter who reloads his ammunition. In short, the Arms Companies and the manufacturers of shooting equipment have come to realize the interest manifest in groundhog hunting. Many of the new rifles and cartridges were placed on the market through the efforts of experiments of woodchuck shooters. The .22 Hornet, .22 Magnum, .220 Swift and .257 Roberts were all developed by riflemen whose principal interest lay in the pursuit of this sport.

To the big game hunter the sport of groundhog hunting offers that practice so necessary to becoming a good shot through much use of his rifle. He obtains experience in estimating various ranges, in the locating and stalking of the game and last, but my no means least, he can indulge in this sport at comparatively little expense within a few miles of his home camp.

This work on groundhog hunting is offered to the rifleman with the hope that it may be of assistance in bringing to him a complete enjoyment of his days afield.


1. The Woodchuck
2. Equipment for ‘Chuck Hunting
3. The Rifle
4. Telescope Sights
5. Targeting the Rifle
6. Ramblings Afield


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