Woodcraft for Women by Kathrene Pinkerton

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Woodcraft for Women by Kathrene Pinkerton

5.25″ x 8″
96 pages

This book was originally published in 1916 and is being reprinted here in its entirety by Sportsman’s Vintage Press.

Originally written to empower women with the skills necessary to enjoy the outdoors like their male friends and family, this book is very unique among books written about camping. Despite being written nearly one hundred years ago, this book is one of the few available, even today, to describe camping, hunting, and woodcraft from a woman’s perspective and for a woman audience.

Woodcraft for Women covers all the skills necessary to take to the out of doors. Kathrene Pinkerton includes chapters for clothing, camp cooking and camp making, packing and portaging, paddling, hunting and fishing.

Despite being written nearly a century ago, Woodcraft for Women is still unique and is still a valuable resource for the outdoor enthusiast—female or male—who wants to learn some new skills and techniques before their next outing.


1. Woman and the Out of Doors
2. Woods Clothing
3. Clothing—Continued
4. Packs and Accessories
5. Packing and Portaging
6. Tents and Camp Making
7. Cooking Utensils, Fires, and Foods
8. Cooking Expedients
9. Paddling
10. Hunting and Fishing
11. The Winter Woods
12. Going Alone
13. Camp Courtesy
14. The First Time Out
15. The Spirit of the Open

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