The Book of the Pistol and Revolver

By Hugh B. C. Pollard

Originally published in 1917
Reprinted here in its entirety by Sportsman’s Vintage Press, edited and optimized for web viewing.
Wheel-locks and Snaphaunce pistols

Wheel-locks and Snaphaunce (Italian)

Dedicated to Diana


I. Introduction
II. The Dawn of Powder
III. The Wheel-Lock
IV. The Flint-Lock
V. Caplock Pistols
VI. The Development of the Revolver
VII. History, Wars, and the Pistol
VIII. Ammunition
IX. Ammunition (continued)
X. Modern Military Arms
XI. Target Weapons
XII. The Automatic Pistol
XIII. The Pocket Automatic and Revolver
XIV. Miscellaneous Weapons
XV. Learning to Shoot
XVI. Speed Shooting
XVII. Duelling
XVIII. Equipment, Accessories, Cleaning, Etc.
XIX. Bisley Shooting and Competition Work
XX. A Short Course of Active Service Revolver Training
XXI. Clubs and Ranges


I. Comparison of Bore and Caliber
II. European Revolver Cartridges and Charges
III. Revolver Cartridges and Loads (American)
IV. Automatic Cartridges
V. Table of Modern Standard Revolvers and Automatic Pistols, with their Calibres, Barrel Lengths, Number of Shots, and Weight
VI. Table Showing Comparison of Ballistics of Smokeless Revolver Cartridges and the Same Calibre Automatic Pistol Loads
VII. Names of the Principal Parts of a Flintlock Pistol
VIII. List of London Gunmakers 1825
IX. List of some British Gunmakers
X. Some European Pistol Makers
XI. Scoring Scale for Revolver Shooting at Figure or Blank Targets or Wax-Bullet Practice at Individuals
XII. Proof and Armourer’s Marks

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The Book of the Pistol & Revolver