Flash from Nome, Alaska (July 3rd, 1938)

The following information comes from Burning Powder by Lt. Col. Douglas B. Wesson. Burning Powder is also available to purchase in print.

As this book went to press we were much pleased to receive this most interesting letter and photograph from Father Bernard R. Hubbard, S.J., “The Glacier Priest” (mentioned in the chapter on the Magnum). Father Hubbard says in part: “The Eskimo hunters are impressed with the S&W “.357″ Magnum after seeing them in action on the Walrus herds, and they are the most prized weapons any of us have ever had. The Walrus hunting this year was very poor, and the Eskimos obtained only half the number they need for their economic welfare. In one hunt I got two small Walrus each with one shot in the neck—the bullet going clear through the animal. Then I missed four in a row, but a fifth slug brought down the biggest bull Walrus obtained this year in the Bering Sea. I am sending you the tusks and forehead.”

S&W .357 Magnum with Walrus

Father Hubbard doesn’t give the weight of the big bull but as it was the largest killed this past season, and we know that 2000 pounds is not an unusual weight for these animals, we really feel that three bulls with three bullets, definitely establishes the S&W “.357” Magnum as a big game revolver in its own right, even without the evidence we have already presented.

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