Foreward to Burning Powder

The following information comes from the Foreword of Burning Powder by Lt. Col. Douglas B. Wesson. Burning Powder is also available to purchase in print.

In this, the sixth edition of “BURNING POWDER,” we have undertaken to cover in an interesting and instructive way Hand-Gun shooting, the formation of Clubs, construction of Ranges, and so on, and, for the first time, Big Game Hunting with a Hand-Gun. We realize that we will be subjected to severe criticism on the part of some, but we are convinced by personal experience (and we believe that you will be by what we have to say on the matter) that with a properly selected revolver and load, big game hunting with a Hand-Gun is not only reasonable, but offers an opportunity for sport and sportsmanship of the highest quality.

We are indebted to Mr. Ed McGivern, Col. Roy D. Jones and many other of our good friends for their assistance in compiling this booklet, and to them we extend our appreciation and gratitude.

We sincerely trust that we are successful in offering you in these pages information, assistance, and, above all, enjoyment. High scores to you, and good hunting.

Springfield, Massachusetts

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