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It is with profound regret that I write “FINIS” to this Manual of mine.

I know that the subject has only been scratched. There is so much more to be said. But I promised a MANUAL and not a BOOK—and I have to leave much unwritten—things, which crystalized into concrete thought as I experimented and wrote.

Subconsciously, we are often doing things in certain ways. We do not become conscious of these ways until, by design or coincidence, we change them. We then find that results are not satisfactory either. We return to the old method which, however, upon analysis, makes us realize that we have been wallowing in the mud of mediocrity all the time.

And, if we are serious we do something about it. We think—sometimes we write. And, if the subject be artful enough, we go on seceding and deducing. And though, at times, we may believe that we have covered the fundamentals, the train of thought seems never to give out.

That is the way I feel about revolver-shooting.

Maybe, if this MANUAL finds favor with enough of you revolver-addicts, it might embolden me to “Go ahead and open the valve again.”

Until then:


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Flinching while Target Shooting

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