Flinching while Target Shooting

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Aha! you will say, here is, maybe, the spot where I can learn something worthwhile. Well, this Manual deals with practical shooting and not with psychological problems.

Your flinching, my friend, is apparently something very undesirable. It might spoil your aim or prevent you from calling your shots.

Do you flinch because you like to? Or just on general principles?

Well then—for Pete’s sake—

It is really unimportant, though. However, you may differ with me. Maybe your method of flinching is not of the crude kind that we other earthworms were afflicted with.

Maybe you would cultivate it, and do your flinching so perfectly that you might feel inclined to aspire for higher honors.

Personally, I again proclaim this topic unimportant. I find no time, when shooting, to waste any thoughts upon flinching. All my attention is centered upon really important tasks, such as GRIP, SQUEEZE, SIGHTING, etc.

And, if I were you, I would not try to get rid of the flinch. Ignore the little imp, and if you work diligently on the important tasks, you will not have time for him and you will, finally, concur with me that flinch is really unimportant.

You may, however, put only three sharp shells in your cylinder, while practicing, twirl it after every shot so that you do not know which chambers are loaded, and squeeze out six perfect actions.

Keep both your eyes open and see that your muzzle does not flick when you hear the empty hammer clicks only.

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Flinching while Target Shooting

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