Ready for the Expert Lessons

The following information comes from The Elusive Ten by William Reichenbach. The Elusive Ten is also available to purchase in print.

As you progress and finally emerge from the rank of “dub” into the loftier regions where you are reasonably sure never to drop your scores below 75 on the Standard American Slow-Fire Target, you are ready to get acquainted with the finer points of the game which have been evolved from practice and study.

And right here, I wish to point out a threatening barrier to those, who, after having read this far, would try to practice what follows here, without taking the trouble of first becoming proficient on the strength of the preceding chapters. Remember the seven fundamentals? Have you absorbed them? Do you now effortlessly, systematically, follow them? Otherwise, following the finer points will only hinder you in the first steps of your development—by their very number and elaborateness.

You must understand that the method propounded by me, rests largely upon suggestive evolution, if I may call it that. The system leaves you free to concentrate on fundamentals, along simple lines, such concentration making for quicker progress, as you go along to work in stages.

Only when a certain stage of perfection has been achieved should the finer points be assimilated.

You see, these pointers seem sometimes in contradiction to what went on before. They only seem to be; however, in reality, they are an elaboration.

If you were to try to swallow your dinner in one gulp, you would get indigestion, but after you have learned table manners and really know how to appreciate a gastronomical treat, only then do you fully appraise the finishing touches which the gourmet applies in the shape of an old cognac and a fine cigar.

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Ready for the Expert Lessons

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