Wobbling Sights While Target Shooting

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A horrible word!

After a strenuous day at your business or office, or after muscular or mental exertions of any kind, a certain amount of wobbling may appear.

The characteristics are a more or less pronounced tremor at the muzzle, sometimes coupled with a surging up of nervous waves and a dimming of either the target or the sights.

In such cases, if at all possible, you should endeavor to lie down for a short time, seeking, first, complete relaxation. Follow up this period of rest with careful and conscientious breathing exercises.

After you feel that you have recovered sufficiently, you should start with practicing the one-two system of firing; that is, you fill every second chamber of the cylinder only, and fire

One Dry
One Sharp

The same method may be followed, if you should find yourself too tensely keyed-up.

This sometimes happens before a match and may be a sort of stage-fright. The empty clicks will reassure you and will also give you a chance to observe your gun muzzle, indicative of whether you pull or squeeze. Wobbling is successfully combatted if you follow the hints set forth in this chapter.

Another timely hint on this occasion would be: Never try to shoot with a full stomach.

Also the idea that one can shoot better after partaking of a stimulant—such as alcohol—is a fallacy.

It is not stimulation you need in shooting; only absolute relaxation!

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Wobbling Sights While Target Shooting

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