Distances for Fruit Plants in Feet

The following information on distances for fruit plants comes from Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains. Five Acres and Independence is also available to purchase in print.

Distances for Fruit Plants in Feet

Almond: 20

Apple, dwarf, on Doucin stock: 15-25

Apple, dwarf, on Paradise stock: 10-12

Apple, standard, erect growing (e.g., Wagener): 30-35

Apple, standard, majority of varieties: 35-40

Apple, standard, spreading (e.g., R.I. Greening): 40-50

Apricot: 20

Blackberry: 4×6 to 6×8

Cherry, Duke: 25-30

Cherry, sour: 15-20

Cherry, sweet: 30-40

Cranberry: 1×2 to 2×3

Currant, in rows: 4×5

Currant, in checks: 5×5

Fig: 20-25

Filbert and hazelnut: 10-12

Gooseberry, in rows: 4×5

Gooseberry, in checks: 5×5

Grape, small growing (e.g., Delaware): 8-10

Grape, moderate growing (e.g., Concord): 10-12

Grape, rank growing (e.g., Agawam): 12-15

Grapefruit: 25-30

Lemon: 25-30

Loquat: 15-25

Mulberry: 25-30

Nectarine: 20

Orange, dwarf varieties: 8-10

Orange, ordinary varieties: 25-30

Orange, St. Michael: 20-25

Peach: 20

Pear, dwarf: 10-15

Pear, standard: 25-30

Pecan: 40-50

Persimmon, Japanese: 20-25

Persimmon, American: 25-30

Plum: 10-15

Quince: 10-15

Raspberry, black, in rows: 3×6

Raspberry, black in checks: 5×5

Raspberry, purple, in rows: 4×6

Raspberry, purple in checks: 5×5

Raspberry, red and yellow, in rows: 3×5

Strawberries: See Chapter 39

Walnut, Black: 40-50

Walnut, English or Persian: 30-40

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Distances for Fruit Plants in Feet

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