Frost Tender and Hardy Vegetables

The following information on frost tender and hardy vegetables comes from Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains. Five Acres and Independence is also available to purchase in print.

Vegetables Tender to Frost

Beans, wax: Pencilpod, Rustproof Golden, Burpee’s Kidney Wax.

Beans, green: Masterpiece, Bountiful, Burpee’s Stringless Greenpod.

Beans, dwarf lima: Fordhook, Dreer’s Bush Lima, Dreer’s Wonder, Burpee’s Improved.

Beans, green, pole: Burger’s Stringless Greenpod, Lazy Wife, Kentucky Wonder (or Old Homestead).

Beans, wax, pole: Golden Cluster, Kentucky Wonder Wax.

Beans, pole lima: Giant Podded, Sunnybrook, Leviathan, Siebert.

Cantaloupe: Honeyball, Bender’s Surprise, Hearts of Gold, Fordhook, Rockyford, Emerald Gem, Osage (or Miller’s Cream).

Corn, early: Golden Bantam, Metropolitan, Golden Evergreen, Aristocrat, Black Mexican.

Corn, late: Country Gentleman, Mammoth Late, Stowell’s Evergreen.

Cucumber: Davis’ Perfect, White Spine, Klondike.

Eggplant: Black Beauty, New York Improved.

Okra: Dreer’s Little Gem, Creole (or White Velvet), Perkins’s Longpod.

Pepper, hot: Long Red Cayenne, Small Chili, Tabasco.

Pepper, sweet: Pimiento, Neapolitan, Sunnybrook, Ruby King, Ruby Giant.

Spinach: New Zealand (not a true spinach but a good hot weather substitute).

Squash, summer: Crookneck, Cocozelle, Pattypan (or Simlin), Vegetable Marrow (easiest to prepare).

Tomato: Matchless, John Bayer, Marglobe, Livingston’s Globe Avon, Bonny Best, Stone.


Vegetables that Withstand Frost

Artichoke, French or Globe: Large Green Globe.

Artichoke, Jerusalem: Listed by few seedsmen, usually without variety name.

Beet, round: Crosby’s Egyptian, Crimson Globe, Detroit Dark Red.

Beet, long: Long Dark Blood, Henderson’s Half Long, Long Smooth Dark Red.

Broccoli: White Cape, Calabrese, Sprouting, Henderson’s Riviera.

Brussels Sprouts: Matchless, Long Island, Half Dwarf.

Cabbage, early: Early Jersey Wakefield, Charleston (or large Wakefield).

Cabbage, midseason: All Seasons, Early Summer, Succession.

Cabbage, late: Autumn King, Danish Roundhead, Flat Dutch.

Carrot, early: Earliest Shorthorn, Early Scarlet Horn, Guerandi (or Oxheart).

Carrot, late: Chantenay, Danvers, Intermediate.

Cauliflower: Henderson’s Snowball, Dreer’s Earliest Snowstorm, Dry Weather.

Celery, early: Easy Blanching, Golden Plume, Rosy Plume, White Plume.

Celery, late: Giant Pascal, Winter Queen, Golden Dwarf, New Rose.

Chard, Swiss: Giant Lucullus, Lyons.

Chicory: Large Rooted, French Endive, Witloof.

Cress (or peppergrass): Extra Curled.

Endive: Broad Leaved Batavian, Giant Fringed, White Curled.

Kohlrabi: Earliest Erfurt, Early White, Early Purple Vienna.

Kale: Long Standing, Dwarf Green Curled, Dwarf Scotch.

Leek: Musselburgh, Giant Carentan, Prizetaker.

Lettuce, loose leaf: Grand Rapids, Black Seeded Simpson, Early Curled Simpson.

Heading, early: All Heart, May King, Wayahead, Tennisball.

Midseason, butterhead: California Cream Butter, Deacon, French Unrivaled.

Crisp head: Wonderful, Mignonette, Iceberg.

Cos or romaine: Trianon, Paris White, Kingsholm.

Onion, yellow: Strasburg, Prizetaker, Southport Yellow Globe, Danvers Yellow Globe.

Onion, white: Barletta (or White Queen), White Portugal, Mammoth Silver King.

Onion, red: Southport Red Globe, Large Red Wethersfield.

Mustard: Fordhook Fancy, Southern Giant Curled, White London, Chinese.

Parsley: Perfection, Fern Leaved, Champion Moss Curled.

Parsnip: Guernsey (or Student), Large Sugar (or Hollow Crown), Early Round.

Pea, dwarf, early, smooth seeded: Alaska, Eureka, Electric, Eight Weeks.

Peas, earliest, dwarf, wrinkle seeded: American Wonder, Prosperity (or Gradus), Little Marvel, Nott’s Excelsior, Thomas Laxton.

Peas, midseason: Senator, Abundance, Lincoln, Laxtonian.

Peas, late, dwarf: Dwarf Telephone (or Carter’s Daisy), Dwarf Champion, World’s Record, Potlach.

Peas, late, tall: Champion of England, Prince Edward, Telephone, Senator.

Peas, edible podded: Melting Sugar, Giant Sugar.

Radish, forcing: Crimson Ball, Ruby, Perfection, White Box, Crimson Giant, White Olive, French Breakfast.

Radish, summer: Chartier, Icicle, Delicacy, White Delicacy.

Radish, winter: Scarlet China, Celestial (or White China), Black Spanish.

Rutabaga: Golden Heart, Long Island, Purple Top.

Spinach: Long Standing, Long Season, Prickly Seeded, Viroflay (or Thick Leaf), Victoria.

Salsify: Sandwich Island, Long White.

Scorzonera: Long Black.

Turnip: Aberdeen, Milan, Snowball, Golden Ball, Flat Dutch.

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Frost Tender and Hardy Vegetables

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