Garden Insect Pests and Methods of Control

The following information on control methods of garden insect pests comes from Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains. Five Acres and Independence is also available to purchase in print.

Garden Insect Pests and Methods of Control

By George M. List, Department of Entomology, Colorado Agricultural College

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Methods of Control

  1. Dust mature plants with a mixture of air-slaked lime (5 parts) and lead arsenate (1 part).
  2. Dust with pyrethrum or derris powders.
  3. Spray with magnesium arsenate or zinc arsenite (1 ounce) and water (3 gallons).
  4. Dust with a mixture containing 5% nicotine sulphate.
  5. Drench stems and roots of plants with one-half cup of solution containing 1 ounce corrosive sublimate (bichloride of mercury) to 8 or 10 gallons of water.
  6. Wrap stem of plant, from roots to first leaves, with paper at time of transplanting.
  7. Mix two-thirds ounce of white arsenic or Paris green with 1 pound bran. Dilute one-sixth pint of molasses with a small amount of water and with this moisten the bran into a crumbly mass. Scatter along the rows of plants at night. For grasshoppers scatter broadcast before 10 A.M.
  8. Dust with gypsum or hydrated lime (19 parts) and calcium arsenate (1 part).
  9. Hand pick.
  10. Dust with hydrated lime (5 parts) and calcium arsenate (1 part).
  11. Spray with Bordeaux mixture, 4-4-50 formula. This mixture can be purchased in the dry form from druggists or seedsmen.
  12. Spray with a solution containing 2 tablespoonfuls of nicotine sulphate, 1 ounce soap, and 3 gallons of water, about every 10 days after insects appear.
  13. Spray with Paris green (1 ounce), water (3 gallons).
  14. Spray with lime-sulphur solution (1 part), water (40 parts).
  15. Rotate crops. Never plant corn following corn.

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Garden Insect Pests and Methods of Control

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