Garden Tools and Accessories

The following information on garden tools and accessories comes from Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains. Five Acres and Independence is also available to purchase in print.

Garden Tools and Accessories

The following list will help you choose items that you may need. Probably you will not want everything specified, probably also you may wish others. By all means have the equipment that will fit your individual case. In such instances as hoes and rakes have two or more sizes so as to do the work with least expenditure of time or effort.

 Basket, picking
Cultivator, Norcross
Dibble, flat style
Dusting machine
Dusting materials
Edger, grass
Flower pots
Fork, digging
Fork, manure
Fork, transplanting
Grafting chisel
Grafting mallet
Grafting wax
Hoe, common
Hoe, scuffle
Hoe, Warren
Hose, nozzle and reel
Hotbed mats
Knife, asparagus
Knife, pruning
Labels, garden, pot and tree
Ladder, step
Lawn mower
Lawn roller
Lawn sprinkler
Line, garden
Manures, dried
Pruner, pole
Rake, bamboo or rubber-toothed
Rake, garden
Rake, self-cleaning
Rake, steel
Rake, wooden garden
Saw, pruning (swivel style)
Shear, grass
Shear, hedge
Shear, pruning, single hand
Shear, pruning, two hand, all steel
Shovel, D-handle
Shovel, long handle
Spade, D-handle
Spade, long handle
Sprayer, compressed air
Spraying materials
Stakes, bamboo
Stakes, wooden
Supports, plant
Trowel, steel shank
Weeder, Excelsior
Weeder, Hazeltine
Weeder, Lang
Wheelbarrow with removable sides
Wheelhoe and seed drill
Window-box, metal, self-watering

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