Seeds Recommended for the Long-Row Farm Garden

The following information on seeds for the long-row farm garden comes from Five Acres and Independence by M. G. Kains. Five Acres and Independence is also available to purchase in print.

Seeds Recommended for the Long-Row Farm Garden
(120 by 200 feet. Rows 3 feet apart except where noted, Fig. 7.)

Seed long row garden 1

1*When the perennials are planted in a separate area, omit Row 1. The onions and rhubarb are easily transplanted, but it will be necessary to secure a new supply of asparagus roots if a new location is desired, as the old roots are undesirable for transplanting.
2*The term “marked with” means that the radish seed is sown thinly with the other seed in the same row. (Chapter 29)

seeds long row garden 2

3* If yellow corn instead of white is desired, Golden Sunshine, Whipple’s Early Yellow, and Bantam Evergreen may be substituted for Mammoth White Cory, Howling Mob, and Narrow Grain Evergreen respectively.

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Seeds Recommended for the Long-Row Farm Garden

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