The following information comes from the Preface of How to Hunt Deer by Edward A. Freeman. How to Hunt Deer is also available to purchase in print.

I am not a deer hunter and, therefore, am not competent to appraise this book. I am a friend of its author, and admire him both as a person and as a highly competent woodsman.

Vivid memories of “Red” Freeman are associated with one trip into the northwest basin of Mount Katahdin in which a tenderfoot group from the academic world of M.I.T. ventured to pack themselves up to Chimney Pond, over the mountain, and down into the basin, there to camp and explore for a week or more. Fortunately, and happily, we were accompanied by Red Freeman. He was then a professional guide but he went along not in this capacity but as a friend. We were fortunate to have his practical understanding and assistance available to us. Though the trip was a modest one, it was an expedition in which the presence of one learned in the ways of the Maine wilderness helped to make it memorable and carefree.

Recalling with as much pleasure as I do the brusque fellowship of Red Freeman on that trip and on the subsequent times that I have had the pleasure of seeing him, and knowing, too, of his triumph over a terrible accident, I find deep satisfaction in his having written this book and in its having now found its way into print. His knowledge learned the hard way will be every deer hunter’s gain.

J. R. Killian, Jr.

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Deer Hunting Preface

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