Countries Using Mauser Rifles

The following information comes from Mauser Rifles and Pistols by W. H. B. Smith. Mauser Rifles and Pistols is also available to purchase in print.

Argentina, pattern 1891, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Belgium, pattern 1889, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Bolivia, pattern 1891, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Brazil, pattern 1904, caliber 7.00, .276 inch.

Chile, pattern 1904, caliber 7.00 mm, .276 inch.

China, pattern 1893, caliber 7.00, .276 inch.

Columbia, pattern 1891, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Czechoslovakia, pattern 1924, caliber 7.9 mm, .311 inch.

Ecuador, pattern 1891, caliber 7.65, .301 inch.

Germany, pattern 1898 modified, caliber 7.9 mm, .311 inch.

Luxembourgh, pattern 1896, caliber 6.5 mm, .256 inch.

Mexico, pattern 1902, caliber 7.00 mm, .276 inch.

Peru, pattern 1891, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Portugal, pattern 1904, caliber 6.5 mm, .256 inch.
Note: Portugal adopted the modified Kar. 1898K during World War II, caliber 7.9 mm, .311 inch.

Persia, 1889, 1891 and 1902 models in rifles and carbines, various calibers, mostly 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Poland, pattern 1904 modified, caliber 7.9 mm, .311 inch.

Spain, pattern 1896, caliber 7.00 mm, .276 inch.

Sweden, pattern 1906, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Turkey, pattern 1905, caliber 7.65 mm, .301 inch.

Uruguay, pattern 1895, caliber 7 mm, .276 inch.

Yugoslavia, pattern 1899, caliber 7 mm, .276 inch.

Besides the above list of genuine Mauser rifles made in Germany, Mausers are also made in huge numbers and in any military caliber by the Steyr Works in Austria, the F.N. Works in Belgium, the Brno Works in Czechoslovakia for export. The Radom and Warsaw Arsenals in Poland, the Oviedo Arsenal in Spain and numerous Chinese plants all make copies or slight modifications of the German Kar. 98.

Note: All later patterns of Mauser rifles both in calibers listed and also in the standard German Service 7.9 mm caliber will be found in the countries above. The most common are the slightly modified Kar. 98 types made to German specifications in Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Spain.

Countries Using Mauser Pattern Rifles, With Modifications Made in Country of Manufacture:

Italy 1891, Carcano, caliber 6.5 mm, (2.56-inch) and later 7.35 mm model 1935. Mauser-type bolts.

Japan, Year 38 Pattern 6.5 mm, (2.56-inch) and later 7.7 mm, Pattern 99.

United States, 1903-06, Springfield, caliber 7.62 mm, (.30 inch). Mauser-type bolts, receivers and magazines.

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Countries using Mauser rifles

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