Mauser .22 Caliber Repeating Rifles—The M 410 and the MS 350

The following information on Mauser .22 caliber repeating rifles comes from Chapter 26 of Mauser Rifles and Pistols by W. H. B. Smith. Mauser Rifles and Pistols is also available to purchase in print.

Like the single shot rifle above, the .22 repeaters are all bolt action. As in the original military Mausers, a cam action of the bolt handle when opening the breech provides primary extraction to loosen the cartridge case, thereby assuring proper ejection.

The striker and firing pin, as in the case of the large Mauser, are in one piece, insuring the shortest firing stroke and time. The pull-off is the double military type and is adjustable.

In early models the rearward travel of the bolt was halted by the sear, but on improved models, a special bolt catch connected with the receiver was provided.

All genuine Mauser repeating .22 rifles have detachable box magazines, inserted in the receiver from below ahead of the triggerguard. They customarily hold 5-cartridges. These magazines have slots to show the number of cartridges remaining therein.

 The M 410

This is a light model. The barrel is 24-inches long. A spring type open rear sight with screw adjustment for elevation and a bead foresight are standard. Sling swivels are provided, and a pistol grip which is full checkered. This arm has a safety catch. The overall length is 40.5 inches, and the weight about 4.5 pounds.

A heavy model of the above was made, fitted with tangent curve sight graduated from 30 to 200 yards, wind gauge, and having the bead front sight dovetailed into a raised block. The length is 43.5 inches, the weight about 6.75 pounds. This rifle sold in the United States for about $70.00.

 The MS 350

This is a target repeater. This has a 26.5 inch round barrel. A 10-shot magazine was available. The action and barrel are grooved for sight and telescope. Sight may be adjustable micrometer or tangent. The foresights are driven in from the front and are interchangeable. A triangular, a bead and a blade front sight are supplied. A wing safety is provided on the bolt. The trigger and trigger guard are roughened. The walnut stock has a vulcanite steel plate and pistol grip. Vulcanite cap on pistol grip.

This is a standard European target rifle.

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Mauser .22 Caliber Repeating Rifles - The M 410 and the MS 350

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