Foreword to Smith & Wesson Hand Guns

The following information comes from Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry and Walter F. Roper. Smith & Wesson Hand Guns is also available to purchase in print.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Colonel Calvin A. Goddard, U.S.A. ret., John N. George, deceased, Herman P. Dean, S. Basil Haw, Fitch H. Stephens, Herman H. Klerx, 3rd, and Smith & Wesson, who furnished suggestions and photographs and loaned pieces for the illustrations.

Concerning the division of labor, Walter F. Roper laid the foundation of the book with data covering the period from 1857 to 1920. This appears in the appendix and was collected by him while employed by Smith & Wesson. He also wrote the final chapter of the text. Smith & Wesson supplied the data in the appendix, covering the period from 1920 down to date and Roy C. McHenry wrote the remainder of the text.

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Smith & Wesson Hand Guns Foreword

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