The Aviation Collection

Sportsman’s Vintage Press is proud to announce a new line of books: The Aviation Collection

The Aviation Collection launched today with an initial line-up of ten titles with more titles planned for release throughout the rest of the year. The books are available for purchase directly from The Sportsman’s Vintage Press website or from Amazon.

The Aviation Collection is ideal for aviation enthusiasts, engineers, or mechanics and is a vital part of the reference library for anyone undertaking the construction of an amateur built experimental aircraft. Many of the books in this Collection come from the heyday of the amateur built aircraft and are especially well suited for the experimental aircraft library.

Though nominally old, the books of the Aviation Collection are still relevant to the field of aircraft construction and engineering. Planes from this era are not only still around, but remain some of the most popular aircraft in the sky today. Piper Cubs and Supercubs, Taylorcrafts, Ercoupes, Cessnas, and Aeronca Champs are all as popular today as they ever were and are all from the same era as these books. Likewise, the engines used in these aircraft such as the Continental O-170, O-190, and O-200 remain the backbone of the aviation engine market and can be dated to the same years as the books in this Collection.

We are also pleased to announce that Drake’s Aircraft Mechanic Series is available in its entirety as part of The Aviation Collection. Drake’s Aircraft Mechanic Series was written in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s and is comprised of seven books, each covering a different aspect of aircraft construction, repair, and maintenance. Written both for the layman or the experienced mechanic, Drake’s Aircraft Mechanic Series was designed to help the reader pass the test to become a licensed aircraft mechanic (which was then administered by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, or CAA). The series covers wooden aircraft construction, welding, sheet metal work, engines, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, instruments, and repair and maintenance of all aircraft components. These books are written simply and in non-technical terms and are profusely illustrated. They are fit for both novices and experts in the subject.

Whether you are building your own experimental aircraft or learning to repair and maintain factory built aircraft, or if you are simply an aviation enthusiast, the Aviation Collection by Sportsman’s Vintage Press will make a great addition to your library.

The initial ten titles of the Aviation Collection are as follows:

Aircraft Construction Handbook by Thomas Dickinson

Aircraft Sheet Metal Work by C. A. LeMaster

The Aircraft Apprentice by Leslie MacGregor

Aircraft Woodwork by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Welding by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Sheet Metal by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Engines by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Electrical Systems, Hydraulic Systems, and Aircraft Instruments by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Maintenance and Service by Rollen Drake

Aircraft Engine Maintenance and Service by Rollen Drake