The Aircraft Apprentice by Leslie MacGregor

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5.25″ x 8″
150 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of The Aircraft Apprentice by Leslie MacGregor, originally published in 1942.

During the past few years a definite need has arisen for more men who possess mechanical skill. It is indeed strange that a shortage should exist in this particular field, when one considers that nine boys out of ten show definite mechanical instincts very early in life.

No doubt a large percentage of parents have stifled these natural instincts and have advised their sons that the desk is more conducive to refinement and position than the workbench. Thus, the so-called white-collar job has lured many thousands of young men into positions for which they do not have the proper enthusiasm. The resulting overcrowding has retarded their promotion.

The Machine Age is here, but it will surely melt away, as did the Ice Age, if we do not encourage the mechanical instincts in our boys. We must train them in the shops so that these instincts will be converted into practical skills.

Therefore, the purpose of this book is to secure the interest of those boys who possess a mechanical instinct yet know nothing as to how it is practiced and are desirous of entering that constantly expanding field, the manufacture of aircraft.


Aircraft Manufacturing as a Career
Vocational Training
Getting a Foothold in the Aircraft Industry
Elements of the Theory of Flight
The Principles of the Aircraft Engine
Elements of Blueprint Reading
Machine Tools in Aircraft
The Toolroom
Principles of Sheet Metal Work
Bolting, Riveting and Welding
The Assembly Shops
Getting Ahead
Self-Analysis for Job Selection

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