Aircraft Electrical Systems, Hydraulic Systems, and Instruments by Rollen Drake

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6″ x 9″
400 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Electrical Systems, Hydraulic Systems, and Instruments by Colonel Rollen H. Drake, originally published in 1949.

This is the first book to explain in simple, non-technical terms the theory, construction and operation of three complex and closely related parts of modern aircraft.

It provides the instruction needed for the C.A.A. aircraft and engine mechanic certificate and special ratings in the subjects under discussion in 1949. Both theory and practice are fully covered.

The basic principles of electricity and hydraulics are explained in terms most useful to the mechanic, showing just how these principles operate in aircraft electrical and hydraulic equipment. The interrelations between the electrical and hydraulic systems and instruments of aircraft are clearly explained, together with their functions in the aircraft as a whole.

The construction and operation of each individual part of aircraft electrical and hydraulic systems and of all the various flight, navigation, engine and other instruments are fully described, with many illustrations and much practical information on symptoms and causes of failure.

The whole book is thoroughly practical. Leading manufactures of the parts discussed have checked all the information for accuracy and have contributed many of the illustrations. In addition, there are many line drawings made by Earle R. Hough. The book contains over 400 illustrations.

Outstanding for its clarity and completeness, the book is an excellent text for the student mechanic and a reliable, practical reference for the mechanic on the job.

About Colonel Rollen H. Drake:

He is particularly well qualified to give instruction in aircraft work. During World War II he served as Chief of the Airman Agency United of the Civil Aeronautics Administration under which all CAA approved ground schools operated. He also served as Senior Technical Examiner for the United States Civil Service Commission. In addition, he had wide experience in teaching technical and vocational work in aviation ground schools and in high schools and vocational schools.


Fundamentals of Electricity
Glossary of Electrical Terms
Magnetism and Magnetic Effects
Sources of Electric Current
Generators and Motors
Electric Circuits
Electric Devices
A Typical Aircraft Electrical System
Starting Systems
Engine Electrical Systems
Hydraulic Principles
Operation of the Hydraulic System
Flow Control Valves
Pressure Control Valves
Hydraulic Brake Systems
Types of Hydraulic Systems
Vacuum and De-icer Systems
Fundamental Principles of Aircraft Instruments
Flight Instruments
Automatic Pilots
Navigation Instruments
Engine Instruments
The Turbo-Supercharger Control System

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