Aircraft Engine Maintenance and Service by Rollen Drake

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6″ x 9″
254 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Engine Maintenance and Service by Colonel Rollen H. Drake, originally published in 1950.

In simple non-technical language, this book provides the layman, student, teacher, or mechanic with the fundamentals of aircraft engine maintenance and service.

It not only explains what operation to perform but shows how it should be done. Step by step, the rules for inspection, the methods for examining and repairing all parts of typical light aircraft engines are given, with particular attention to the theory underlying each branch of maintenance.

Abundantly illustrated, this book will serve as an excellent text for courses in Vocational and Trade Schools, Aviation Ground Schools and Rehabilitation Programs. It will also interest the casual reader, and the certified mechanic will find it a useful guide and reference book.

About Colonel Rollen H. Drake:

He is particularly well qualified to give instruction in aircraft work. During World War II he served as Chief of the Airman Agency United of the Civil Aeronautics Administration under which all CAA approved ground schools operated. He also served as Senior Technical Examiner for the United States Civil Service Commission. In addition, he had wide experience in teaching technical and vocational work in aviation ground schools and in high schools and vocational schools.


Fuel, Lubrication, Ignition, Cooling and Induction Systems
Glossary of Terms Used in Aircraft Engines
Inspection Procedures
Periodic Inspections
Trouble Shooting
Engine Overhaul
Cleaning and Refinishing
Overhaul Inspection
Magnetic Inspection
Repair and Replacement
Engine Assembly
Engine Installation, Run-in and Service
Propeller Maintenance and Service

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