Aircraft Engines by Rollen Drake

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6″ x 9″
366 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Engines by Colonel Rollen H. Drake, originally published in 1948.

In the simplest, clearest terms, with an abundance of illustrations, this book explains the theory, construction, installation and operation of all types of aircraft engines and of propellers. It is thoroughly authoritative.

It gives all the specific instruction needed to pass the written examinations for the C.A.A. engine mechanic’s certificate in 1948. In addition it supplies any interested layman with an exceptionally clear explanation of modern developments such as jet propulsion, gas turbines and the new prop-jet engine as well as of internal combustion aircraft engines.

The book is outstandingly practical and easy to understand. Large, clear drawings and photographs take the place of lengthy explanations, and the use of confusing formulas and tables is avoided. Separate chapters explain in detail just how cylinders, crank-shafts, ignition systems, engine instruments and all other parts of aircraft engines are constructed and how they work. There is much practical information on materials, parts and fastenings, common causes of failure, trouble symptoms, testing and repair. The function of each part in the engine as a whole and its relation to the structure and operation of the plane is emphasized throughout the book.

In addition, the book includes all useful background information. There is a simple explanation of the metals and alloys used in the various parts of the aircraft engine. Preceding the explanation of the ignition system, there is a review of electrical fundamentals, and there is useful information on fuels and lubricants at appropriate points. A full glossary of terms is also included.

To insure complete accuracy, the author has had each section of the book checked by leading manufacturers of the materials and parts under discussion. The author himself, as a former C.A.A. official and teacher, is thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the aircraft mechanic and with the best methods of instruction. The book is thus a completely authoritative and useful text for all those preparing for their aircraft mechanics’ license, a practical handbook for the mechanic on the job, and an informative book for pilots, other flight personnel, and any aviation enthusiast.

About Colonel Rollen H. Drake:

He is particularly well qualified to give instruction in aircraft work. During World War II he served as Chief of the Airman Agency United of the Civil Aeronautics Administration under which all CAA approved ground schools operated. He also served as Senior Technical Examiner for the United States Civil Service Commission. In addition, he had wide experience in teaching technical and vocational work in aviation ground schools and in high schools and vocational schools.


Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines
Metals and Alloys Used in Aircraft Engines
Glossary of Terms Used in Aircraft Engines
Types of Engines
Piston Assembly
Valves and Cams
Electrical Fundamentals
Ignition Systems
Fuel and Fuel Systems
Carburetors and Superchargers
Lubricants and Lubricating Systems
Propeller Fundamentals
Controllable Pitch Propellers
Engine Installation and Cooling Systems
Engine Instruments
Starting and Starting Systems
Engine Theory and Operation
Jet Propulsion

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