Aircraft Sheet Metal by Rollen Drake

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6″ x 9″
250 pages

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Sheet Metal by Colonel Rollen H. Drake, originally published in 1947.

This book contains all the information and instruction needed to fulfill the sheet metal requirements of an aircraft mechanic’s license in 1947. It is clearly written in simple, non-technical language. It covers all phases of aircraft sheet metal work.

There is full information on the identification and uses of all the metals and alloys commonly used in aircraft fabrication. The theory underlying the forming and fabrication of sheet metal is explained in simple terms, and the treatment before and during fabrication is described.

Each of the various methods of forming and fastening sheet metal is explained in detail, with emphasis not only on correct procedures but also on the detection and avoidance of faulty workmanship and flaws which are apt to occur in this kind of work.

There is also detailed information on the making of repairs, stressing the types of approved repairs required by the Civil Aeronautics Administration.

Original drawings have been made for the book by Earle R. Hough and there are up-to-date industrial photographs, released by the Office of War Information. Every step is the explanation of the forming and fastening of sheet metal for aircraft structures is illustrated.

The book is suitable either as a class text in vocational courses, aviation ground schools, trade schools, etc., or as a mechanic’s handbook. It has been carefully checked by authorities for both purposes. All procedures have been thoroughly checked by the foreman of the TWA overhaul Shop for accuracy and completeness, and leading aircraft and metal working companies have contributed up-to-date practical information on methods and materials.

About Colonel Rollen H. Drake:

He is particularly well qualified to give instruction in aircraft work. During World War II he served as Chief of the Airman Agency United of the Civil Aeronautics Administration under which all CAA approved ground schools operated. He also served as Senior Technical Examiner for the United States Civil Service Commission. In addition, he had wide experience in teaching technical and vocational work in aviation ground schools and in high schools and vocational schools.


General Properties of Metals
Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
Iron and Iron Alloys
Principal Sheet Metals Used in Aircraft Fabrication and Their Identification
Glossary of Terms Used in Aircraft Sheet Metal
Heat Treatment of Sheet Metal
Tools and Machinery
General Safety Procedures
Technical Drawings
Burring and Filing
Bend Allowance
Shrinking and Stretching
Forming Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Forming Magnesium Alloys
Forming Corrosion Resistant Alloys
Assembly Sheet Metal Repairs

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