The American Deer Hunter by Francis Sell


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Learn all about deer hunting from this facsimile of the 1957 book The American Deer Hunter by Francis Sell.
From the cover of the 1957 edition of The American Deer Hunter:

The American Deer Hunter is the result of a great amount of experience in hunting with an extraordinary degree of success. The content represents the determination to set down the hard facts and the effective equipment and means for stalking and shooting the whitetail and his cousins. The book is highly original in its presentation. It is in no sense a rehash of previous discussions or formulae. The author deals at all times with actual problems of locating, maneuvering, and shooting and with the guns employed.

The discussions are based on circumstances of reality in the relationships of deer, environment, hunter and gun, not on preconceived or synthetic situations.

Here are interesting and important data on deer habits and on speeds and gaits. Here also is an extensive treatment of selection and care of weapons for deer hunting, the killing and dressing of game, and even on clothing for the deer hunter. All told, it has a wealth of material useful to both the veteran hunter and novice.

About the Author:

The author of The American Deer Hunter killed his first deer when he was only 14 years old, with an old Model 73, 44-40 Winchester. During his lifetime, Sell added greatly to his skill as in deer hunting and accounted for many more trophies of his ability.

He lived in Oregon’s good deer country where he divided his sport between deer hunting and fishing for steelheads. He managed to sandwich between his sports the creation of excellent articles for sports magazines. His days were made complete by fly-tying and reloading ammunition.


1. Rifles for Deer Hunting
2. Tuning Up the Woods Rifle
3. Using the Understudy Rifle
4. Lead on Running Game
5. The Technic of Snapshooting
6. Hunting Equipment Other than the Rifle
7. The Game
8. Reading Sign
9. Still Hunting and Stalking
10. Still Hunting with a Parter
11. Making the Drive
12. The Trail Watcher
13. Wilderness Hunting
14. Lost Hunters
15. When a Deer is Wounded
16. Dressing and Handling Venison
17. Gun Safety in the Woods


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