Greatest Fishing by Joe Brooks


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Learn how to fish with this facsimile of the book published in 1957 entitled Greatest Fishing by Joe Brooks.

This is a book which conveys the skills and tools of the successful angler through the stories of the author’s travels in search of big fish. In this book, Joe Brooks recounts his travels all over North and South America in search of some of the most elusive fish, all the while informing the reader as to the best methods to ensure success. The author describes catching fish in Panama, Cuba, Newfoundland and many other locations across two continents.

Joe Brooks does not limit himself to just one target fish or one method of fishing; he covers the use of both fly and spinning tackle while teaching the reader how to fish for both fresh and salt water quarry. This is a wonderfully entertaining book which imparts useful knowledge along the way.


1. Salty Grab Bag
2. Bonefish Bonanza
3. Next Time We’ll Leave the Ladies Behind
4. Panama Pay Off
5. Waters of Many Fishes
6. The Northern Lights Fish
7. Tumble Rocks
8. Those Freedom-Loving Sickletails
9. Add a Little Salt
10. Boca Fever
11. The Hat Trick
12. Outlandish Trout
13. Fish-Filled Bahamas
14. Out of This World
15. Angler’s Choice
16. Mexican Dividend
17. Trout in the Sky


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