Hunting Pronghorn Antelope by Bert Popowski


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This is a facsimile of the book Hunting Pronghorn Antelope by Bert Popowski, originally published in 1959.
From the Foreword of Hunting Pronghorn Antelope, written by Bob Brownell:

No other North American animal leaves the hunter with the vast variety of stirring memories than does the pronghorn. To know him is to love him. And Bert Popowski, in bringing a world of antelope knowledge to you in the following pages, exhibits his own deep feelings for the little fellows in many subtle ways as he writes. His descriptions are livened with actual experiences and pertinent comments. The battle to bring them back from what might have been sure extinction becomes a real and personal one for the reader–dramatic and intense.

The story of the return of the antelope, as Bert tells it, is a revelation–must reading for any sportsman. I know that never again will I watch a herd going about its everyday business, or bring my scope down on one bounding through the sage, without a feeling of eternal gratitude for those pitifully few but dedicated men whose determination and ingenuity brought the prongies back to the range; and to those men who are now making it possible for you and me to enjoy a Western hunt. Nor will I cease to marvel at the vast amount of research and personal experience necessary for Bert to get this story on paper. It too, was a dedicated task.

For novice hunters the information in the hunting sections is priceless, and the experienced will discover many things they hadn’t known before. It would take years of hunting to glean the lore that can be had by sitting at home and turning the following pages.

This is a book to keep, to refer to many times, for it will enrich your hunting days and give you wisdom when planning your hunting trips. To quote Carlyle: “If a book comes from the heart it will contrive to reach other hearts.”

Hunting Pronghorn Antelope is such a book. Cherish it.


1. History, Habitat and Habits
2. Antelope Distribution
3. Pronghorn Hunting Needs
4. Hunting by Stalking
5. Hunting by Ambush
6. Trapping and Transplanting
7. Predators and Fences
8. Care of Meat and Heads
9. Pronghorn Trophies


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