Manual of Police Revolver Instruction by R. M. Bair

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Manual Of Police Revolver Instruction by R. M. Bair

5″ x 8″
60 pages

This is a facsimile of the book “Manual of Police Revolver Instruction” by R. M Bair.

This manual was written in the 1930’s and sought to instruct police officers in the safe and effective use of their service revolver. The book covers the six principles of revolver shooting (Position, Grip, Sighting, Breathing, Muscle Strain, and Trigger Squeeze) as well as safety guidelines and how to properly care for the service revolver.

The book contains photographs and illustrations to demonstrate clearly the techniques described. At the end of each chapter is a short quiz to reinforce the ideas and test the readers’ knowledge of the subject.

This brief manual is perfect for the novice pistol shooter looking for a quick primer on target shooting or as a refresher course for the more advanced hand gunner. For a quick introduction to the techniques of precision revolver shooting, this book can’t be beat.


Muscle Strain
Safety Rules
Care of Revolver
Dry Shooting
Qualification and Match Courses

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