Pacific and Northwest Hunting by Alfred Goerg


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This is a high quality facsimile of “Pacific and Northwest Hunting” by Alfred J. Goerg, originally published in 1952.

This is a book which will appeal to everyone interested in one of the most exciting sports in the world—hunting.

The new or would-be hunter will find it a veritable gold-mine of information. He will learn how to prepare himself for a hunting trip, what kind of equipment to take with him, what kind of game is to be found in the Pacific Northwest, how to stalk and “still hunt,” what kinds of guns and ammunition are best to use, what to do if lost—and innumerable other details essential to know in planning a hunting trip.

The experienced hunter will enjoy the detailed descriptions of hunting bear, goat, deer, moose, cougar, and other forms of wild life in the Pacific Northwest, written by a man who has hunted all his life. The reader will also get many invaluable tips about the use of handguns, the dressing of game, the preservation of trophies, and the most effective use of guns and ammunition.

This book is the first to give the hunter detailed information about hunting the Columbia blacktail deer and the Roosevelt elk in the Pacific Northwest.

“Pacific and Northwest Hunting,” enriched with twenty vivid photographs, is not only a comprehensive and practical guide to one of the great hunting areas of the United States; it is also a colorfully-written record of an able hunter’s exciting experiences.


1. The Deer
2. The Moose
3. The Elk
4. The Mountain Goat
5. The Black Bear (Three Bears in Ten Seconds)
6. Choosing the Weapon
7. Predators
8. Personal Gear
9. Check List for a Wilderness Trip
10. Preparing the Hunter
11. The Hunting Automobile
12. Woods Hunting
13. The Hunting Camp
14. Hunting with a Handgun (Quail Hunting with a Handgun; Revolver used for Hunting Grouse; A Deer with the .22 Rim Fire Revolver; One of my Hunting Days)
15. On Your Own
16. Field Dressing and Care of Game (Back Packing; Large Game)
17. Preservation of Trophies


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